As of Jan. 1, it is the law in Denver for any residential rental property offered for rent for 30 days or more to have a residential rental license. The licensing program is part of Denver’s drive to achieve minimum housing standards.

Unlicensed properties are illegal and subject to potential enforcement action, including fines and citations.

The main goal of the City and County of Denver’s residential rental licensing law is for tenants to have a safe home in the Mile High City. To increase compliance with the law, the Department of Excise and Licenses has launched a new online form for consumers to file a complaint about an unlicensed residential rental property.

Tenants and consumers can still call 311 to lodge a complaint about an unlicensed or unsafe residential rental property. The new form is another option as the city searches out landlords who are ignoring the licensing requirement to avoid needed repairs to make the property safe.

In addition, tenants or people searching for a place to rent can check the licensing status of a property by going to Denver’s Online Permitting and Licensing Center. Click on business licenses in the top menu of items. Then type in the address to find out if there is a license.

If you are a landlord offering any number of units for rent for 30 days or more and have not started the process to get licensed, you are violating Denver law and need to get into compliance immediately.

The property must pass an inspection by a qualified, third-party inspector. Be sure to review the inspector checklistinspector list and application requirements for general information. There is also a substantial frequently asked questions section and a video of an overview of the program on our website. After applying for a license, you can check the status of your application here.

Share this message with any rental property owners/managers and encourage them to sign up for the residential rental property informational bulletin to receive news and updates about the program as they become available. Previous updates sent in informational bulletins are available on our website.

The Department of Excise and Licenses is now on LinkedIn. This platform enhances the Department’s ability to reach more Denver businesses, consumers and stakeholders that are impacted by license regulations. The page provides newsworthy Denver business information, including licensing trends, updates about changes to regulations, alerts about new programs to support businesses and opportunities for the community to participate in the licensing approval process. Check out the page and give us a follow.

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