9NEWS presented a news segment describing the new residential licensing requirements, the primary focus on enforcing the requirements, and the need for them. Below is a brief excerpt from the article and a link to a video of the entire segment.

DENVER — The City of Denver has started issuing notices of upcoming citations and fines to multiunit rental property addresses without a required license. Properties need to apply for a residential rental license within 45 days to avoid fines, according to the city.
The first fine is $150, according to the city. A third fine, if necessary, will cost the property owner $999.

Owners of single-unit rental properties are not required to have a license until January 1, 2024. There have been 1,005 single-unit properties that have already obtained a license, according to the city. Denver is offering a 50% discount on the application fee for landlords who apply for the license before the enforcement date.

>> Read the entire article and watch the accompanying video on the 9NEWS website.