The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared on the Central Park Scoop on April 11, 2023 written by Joe Phillips. This is only a small part of the helpful information provided. Visit to read the full article.

We’ve broken the process into three main steps, which are outlined below.  In each step we’ll include some tips and tricks based on our experiences.  It’s important that you go through the 3 steps in the correct order or you can waste time and money.

1. Pre-Inspection of your Property:

The first step is to pre-inspect your property and make sure it’s in good shape so it will pass the actual inspection you have to do in step 2.  Why do this pre-inspection first?  We suggest doing this first because if during your actual inspection they find you have non-compliant items, such as expired smoke detectors, you may have to pay the inspector to come and re-inspect the property after the non-compliant items are corrected.  Save yourself some money and time by preparing your property to pass inspection the first time.

2. Property Inspection:

Now that you’ve pre-inspected the home it’s time to get an inspector who is certified in the Denver Rental License program to inspect your home. You can find their current list online, but I’ve already reached out to 4 that I’d suggest and put their contact info and pricing below for you! (**and I’ve negotiated a deal for you as Scoop reader**)

I used Denver Rental Property Inspections and had a good experience with Tom.  He was easy to book with, punctual and professional. He lives in Central Park so he’s familiar with the homes and he has the best price compared to the others.  My suspicion is he is able to be so competitive on cost because he’s not a big company with lots of employees and overhead… but none of that matters to you as a landlord going through this process. I suspect with this pricing he’ll get busy… so maybe get on his schedule for sooner rather than later.

3. License Application with Denver:

Ok you’ve now completed your pre-inspection, fixed any issues and passed your third-party inspection. Great, now it’s time to apply for the Denver rental license!

Unfortunately, this can be the trickiest part because the online system is clunky and at times confusing.  (Sorry Denver, but it’s true!) It is what is though, so let’s work through it and get it done.

Things you’ll need for your application:

  • Pictures of the front of IDs for all property owners combined in one PDF
  • Articles of Organization (if you own the property in an LLC)
  • Completed third-party Inspection checklist showing you’ve passed
  • Certificate showing your inspector is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) or the Master Inspector Certification Board.  (Don’t worry, your inspector will also give you this after your inspection!)
  • Certificate showing your inspector is certified as an R5, C5, or C8 Combination Building Inspector by the International Code Council (ICC). (Don’t worry, your inspector will also give you this after your inspection!)